Brendan Smith is Awesome, Ericsson Isn’t: What Are We Gunna Do?

We told Pavel to step it up.  He responds with two goals.  We yelled at Zetterberg; he in turn gives us a sick backhander to start off the scoring last night.

This isn’t new.  Wings fans are used to getting what we want.  For example:

  • We asked for Howard to become a solid goaltender we can count on.  He responded by becoming a true Vezina candidate.
  • We begged Bertuzzi to repent for his sins by backchecking, he responded by becoming defensively responsible (occasionally).
  • We prayed to God that Lidstrom would have eternal youth.  God responded by saying, “Son, Nick Lidstrom is God, so why don’t you ask him?”  And so it was.  

Click the jump to read about one Wing who just won’t listen. 

Jesus Ericsson…So why, pray tell, do we keep putting up with Ericsson ignoring all our requests?  All we want is a defenseman who uses his size occasionally, actually take a hard slapshot here and there, and doesn’t continue to make lazy, rookie mistakes in his third full year.   We even bribed him handsomely to do so.   Yet he still skates around with his head up his ass nearly every game he’s played.   Even putting him with Lidstorm hasn’t helped.

Smith, in his first three games as a Wings, has looked better than Ericsson in every way.  He’s much quicker, smarter with the puck, has much more of an offensive upside, and just looks like an NHL defenseman.  Two assists in two games.  Sure he makes some dumb mistakes, but not even close to as many as the Big Rig.

So when White comes back, what is Kenny going to do?  Plainly, Smith deserves to be here, but there are a couple million reasons that Ericsson won’t be the one sent down, even though he’s the one who deserves it.  And Commodore, well I still don’t know what we have in the redhead.  He’s just not been out there enough for me to judge.  I could see the Wings waiving him or just keeping him on the sidelines just in case.  But isn’t Smith a better just in case?

Aghh, I have no idea.  This is why Kenny gets paid the big bucks and I’ve got a men’s league game tonight.