Blues vs Red Wings Recap 12.27.2011

What a great comeback win for Detroit. It didn’t look promising after the second goal against, but the Wings stuck with it.

Recap after the jump:

I’ve always assumed that Hank will be the captain when a new one is needed in 2067, but I could be wrong. Pavel woke everyone up after Howard kept the game close. For the first 35 minutes, he was the only skater who seemed to be playing with any pride. That’s Yzerman-esque leadership.

Howard. Wow. Not an all-star, though. True, the huge save in the second went off his head, so it wasn’t as amazing as a flying kick save, but it looked awesome and was 19 times better than anything Elliot did.

Speaking of Elliot: No disrespect intended, but in the 3 games that I’ve seen him play against Detroit, he hasn’t had to be spectacular. Numbers don’t lie, but I’m starting to think that he’s very beatable if you can skate through St. Louis’ defensive system.

Is Mule off? Yeah, a bit. He’s missing the net a lot and fanning on the puck while skating one-on-one is un-mule-like. He’ll come around soon. He likes to score in bunches.

mule_scared_of_puckI LOL’d at this picture. You should, too.

Joakim Andersson didn’t do anything stupid, so that’s good. You never know with guys playing their first NHL game, but he wasn’t a liability in this blogger’s eyes.

I like Commie out there. He’s a great shot blocker and usually makes the safe play. He was rushed a couple times because of Ericsson errors, but the team covered for them.

The hit on Jackman: It was a headshot, but it was delivered by Datsyuk and was probably not an intentional headshot. Not that that makes a difference, but I doubt Shanahan reviews it, even if St. Louis sends it in. “Who hit Jackman? Pav? Suck it up…”

NOHS 3 Stars of the Game:

First Star: Pavel Datsyuk for all the above reasons, plus the blocked shot at the end. Did it save a goal? Who knows. But it was a star player sacrificing his body for the good of the team and that alone is worth a star selection. The goal and assist didn’t hurt, either.

Other First Star: Jimmy Howard. I’m wrong for putting him this low, but these tough decisions are why I get the big bucks… Yeah. The comeback doesn’t happen without Howard keeping the game close. He was making saves that only elite goaltenders make.

Third Star: Lidstrom. Because he was Lidstrom. Again.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Night: Datsyuk’s celebration. He was so happy. It’s like he just realized how great he is and wanted to celebrate.

Who was good? Who was bad? (Bonus points for not saying Ericsson, as he played fine despite a couple mistakes.)

Next game is Friday against some team in Illinois. Blacksocks? Slackhawks? Never heard of ’em. 8:30 EST puck drop.