…Obviously I’m not talking about the season as a whole.  After a weekend of loathsemness…I decided to just crumple it up, throw it in the trash.  Hey, six out of ten points in five consecutive roads isn’t the end of the world – it’s just that the team above us and a few below us are on fire right now and it makes blowing a 4-1 lead in the third all the more frustrating. 

But enough about that, let’s see who’s having their best season ever…

Danny Cleary – 22 G 16 A – 38 points.  Sure, he’s four shy of his career best of 42 points from 2007-2008.  But does anyone actually think he won’t crush that number with the games he has left?  Also, the 22 tallies is a career best.  That’s our Newfie!

Darren Helm – 9 G 19 A – 28 points.  He’s already four points clear of last year’s best of 24 points with 16 games to go thanks to a career high in assists.  He’s also a plus player (+9) for the first time.  Atta boy, Namesake…keep it up!

Jonathan Ericsson – 3 G 11 A – 14 points.  So the Big Rig or “E52” as he’s known in some circles hasn’t quite lived up to that “future all-star” hype from a couple seasons ago.  But he’s still three years shy of 30 and has shown some pretty drastic improvement compared to last year.  His eleven assists is his best so far and, like The Namesake, is a plus player (+9) for the first time in his young career.

Justin Abdelkader – 4 G 9 A – 13 points.  Yeah…I know, Abby has WAY underperformed compared to expecatations.  But his point production is more than double what he accomplished last season in only five games more played.  So patience, precious…he’s still only 24 years old and has set career highs in goals and assists this year.

So maybe some of these kids aren’t quite the stars we were hoping they’d be…maybe we’ve lost three games in a row…but some of these guys are still having the best season ever.