Back to the Drawing Board…again?

Datsyuk may be back and feeling great, and Homer may have re-debuted with us tonight but still it was an effort that left much for fans to desire from their team.  Kris Draper said to Pierre Maguire before the Rangers game that they took the booing to heart when the fans expressed their disappointment after the C-BJ game.  Tough to blame the hardest working fans in sports for watching their team get so overwhelmingly outworked.

Tonight was a bit worse, in my mind.  The Wings were shutout by Nashville their last meeting, so you’d think they would follow that up with an intense effort to make good on revenge.  Also, going down 0-3 in the season series with this team is preposterous.   Given all the scenarios and buildup, I was actually looking forward to tonight’s game.

But Jakub Kindl started the game off with an ill-advised pass up through the neutral zone that led to a 3-on-2 the other way, which Nashville capitalized on; I’m really losing my patience for that kid.  Is he seriously the best replacement-for-Stuey we have?

Sloppy defensive coverage, more turnovers and a Kindl penalty put us down 4-0 and really Nashville didn’t have to do much to protect that lead.  Can we learn anything from a team that plays defense that well?   My goodness the frustration continues as the defensive zone coverage is non-existent, defensive zone breakouts are lacking and the will to drive the net and, Bog forbid, shoot the puck, is nowhere to be found.

So yeah, I’m losing my optimism right now.  I don’t want us to slide down in the standings to a point where we can’t cruise into the first round.

This team’s overall defense and PK have been pretty awful since the season after our Stanley Cup winning year, which was an off-season in which we replaced Todd McClellan with Brad McCrimmon and his stupid haircut.  Coincidence?  I believe in no such thing.