Another Blown Call

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ty Conklin’s court case from Chris’s post below…check out this travesty:

Wow…just….wow.  That’s as bad of a blown call as I’ve ever seen.

Chicago went on to win that game in overtime (not a shootout).  Who knows what would have happened if the NHL had got that call right.  Would Chicago still have rallied to win?  Maybe.  But the fact that the goal was called good on the ice (in error) and then confirmed by the War Room (again…in error) is an embarassment, pure and simple.

Chicago gets into the play-offs by two points.  Crazy.

Mad hatin’?  You bet.  Would I even mention it if this was Florida against the Edmonton Oilers?  Probably not.  But this game had serious play-off implications.  And it had an impact on how the Chicago-Detroit series went, too.  I had heard someone mention it on here before, but I never took the time to look at it until now.  I apologize for being late to the party.