Angry About the Score

So Detroit beats Los Angeles by a score of 7-4. My title of the post in which I recapped the game was void of actual numbers because I was turning in before the game ended. It was 7-2 at the point I wrote that title and Detroit was playing without a care in the world, daring LA to score just 5 more in the last 5 minutes. Los Angeles gets more than halfway there, and hence you have your surprisingly high score of a hockey game.

Realistically, we knew this game was over when Helmer buried a shorty to start the third, making it 4-1 Detroit and shoving it in the face of the Kings when an obscenely untimed penalty gave them a chance to make it a one-shot game, going to the PP early in the third down 3-1.

As if 4-1 wasn’t enough, the Wings make it 7-1 shortly thereafter as LA falls apart of their own volition. Seven consecutive goals. Great game? No, not if you’re a typical Wings fan. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what I love the most about Red Wings fans. Any other fan base would be thrilled to have a win, especially a 7-4 win, on the road, against a team who was 13-1-1 in their last fifteen games.

Red Wings fans were irate. Furious at how we ended the game, fearing a possible lack of attention to detail that may create bad habits and, probably most of all, terrified at what Jimmy Howard’s (league leader in Wins, mind you) stats will look like in the morning.

Here are some things said from the LB on A2Y:

Crap. That was E52 standing around like a friggin’ pylon. Eejit…”

…and goal number four just to remind us all that they’re not a good defensive team”

If I’m Howard, I’m ripping them in the locker room right about now. No excuse to stop playing in the final 2 minutes like that.”

Thinking of donning the Winged Wheel some day? Best of luck, kids. These fans are the most demanding in sports and I love them for that.