An Exciting Announcement After A Bad Night

Update 7 PM Friday:  For whatever reason, this story is stuck at the top.  See below for two new stories, one by Jordan and one by Twig.

We’ll get to last night’s disappointment soon enough, but for now I want to announce some exciting news for NOHS and our readers.  Click the jump for the announcement:

We’re happy to report that the founder and author of Detroit Hockey Report, Jordan Reis, will be joining NOHS as a full time author. Jordan started Detroit Hockey Report fairly recently and almost immediately I was impressed with his site.  He provided interesting, daily updates, stories and opinions, in addition to the Hulktuzzi Series.  (Now I know I’m a huge ‘tuzzi fan, that’s not why we added Jordan, though it didn’t hurt.) 

In a busy world of Wings blogs, his stuck out to me and became a regular visit for me and hopefully a few of our readers as well. He’ll be bringing his expertise and opinions to this site and I’m really looking forward to it.  So now, I’ll let Jordan introduce himself:

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan Reis. You may know me from my little site Detroit Hockey Report or the Hulktuzzi pictures I have been doing. Just a quick little bit about myself. I am originally from the metro Detroit area but live in Chicago at the moment, this will all be changing over the next two months as I will be moving back to the homeland so that me, my wife and our new 3 month old son can live around family.

Hockey is an obsession to me I have been involved with playing and watching it my entire life. I bleed red and white, I live and die with this team and I have a hatred for the Blackhawks that is unrivaled.  Joining NOHS is a great honor, and I look forward to being a part of the best Red Wings site on the web and hope you enjoy reading what I have to say. LGRW!

It should be an exciting year here at NOHS. Now that we Drew, Twig, Jordan, Josh, and myself manning the ship, we should be able to bring you a little bit of everything Wings related.   If you have any ideas that Jordan or any one of us should be tackling, just let us know.

So look for Jordan’s first post coming up here soon and join me in welcoming him to NOHS.

hudlerlaughThis makes us all happy here.