Amazing Every Night

winged_wheelDuring my little private chat (last night’s open post) with DMN, I said the following at one point:

Looks like Datsyuk is suddenly back to his old self.

Truthfully, LamontCranston, Reddy, DannyG, and BLOODRED joined in at some point or another.  But also truthfully, someone turned the switch on inside of Datsyuk and the dude just went off.  The Versus crew were constantly commenting on how he just wasn’t himself and his “heavy stick” had become lighter and at some point, we turned the sound off of the TV.  But Pavs ended up leading the way with three assists and +2 rating…despite having an injured wrist.

“He just amazes us every single night. He’s a world-class player.” –Jimmy Howard

Speaking of amazing, how about that Jimmy Howard?  I don’t think enough can be said about his performance in this post-season.  In just this round, he’s boasted a .924 save percentage and a goals against average of 2.80.  In those five games, he’s face less than 35 shots only once – which is crazy.  Last night, the Sharks fired 42 shots on the Detroit netminder with only three making it past him.

“Howie really stole us the game tonight,” Danny Cleary said. “He played huge, a lot of big saves.” –Danny Cleary

Those quotes taken from Khan(!).

Another big game came from Little Nik Jr. who was singled out by Ryan Clowe after game four and followed it up by laying out Ryan Clowe…


I scared the hell out of The Future Mrs. Nightmare on Helm Street with my “OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” at the sight of that magnificent and CLEAN check.  So you wanted to be line up WITH him or BY him?  Next time, make sure he understands you fully, Ryan – you know that English is second language.

No official word on The Mule’s ankle.  He’s being re-evaluated today.