All-Star Draft Today

Well…the All Star Break has arrived.  No new Red Wings hockey until Wednesday.  But you can still support the greatest defensemen of all time.  As you all know – Nick Lidstrom was selected to the All-Star Game and then was selected by the players to be one  of two captains chosen to select the rest.

Lidas är kung.

The draft is tonight at 6 Eastern Time.

Here’s what your captain had to say to

“I know (Eric Staal) wants Cam on his team being in front of the home crowd, so it might be a good strategy to take him and get the crowd on our side. We’ll talk amongst ourselves about what we’re going to do. We’ll have to wait and see.” –Nick Lidstrom

The way that it works is that the first choice will be decided by a coin flip – meaning he who loses the coin toss, will have the burden of getting the last pick.

And no one wants to be picked last.

Lidstrom already knows two of his teammates as Marty St. Louis and Patrick “Twenty Cent” Kane were selected as his assistant captains.

“I don’t have a teammate that will be part of this game so I want to get their input and see what they say.  I think you have to look at it both ways. Some of the guys you’ve played against and now you have a chance to play with them. Other guys can be good in the skills competition. It’s another thing we’ll talk about it.” –Nick Lidstrom

So don’t be surprised if Lidstrom takes the likes of Steven Stamkos and Duncan Keith – if the opportunity presents itself.   Apparently the Cabbie Slapper has expressed actual interest in playing against Captain No Personality (Jonathon Toews).

Tune in to see what happens – I really want to see who gets picked dead last…because in all honesty, he doesn’t get picked at all.  And that, my friends, is pure embarrassment…even for an all-star.

Go Team Lidstrom.