Agent Professor

Igor Larionov was known as “The Professor” to his teammates while in Detroit.  He was also known in some circles as the “Wayne Gretzky of Russia”.  He’s a man who wears many hats…father, wine maker, and now – NHL agent. Larionov has just become a certified agent with the NHL Players’ Association. He already has one NHL client right now (20-year old Los Angeles Kings forward, Andrei Lotionov) and will represent a stable of young studs that should be ready for the 2012 draft.  Think that he might be pushing future players towards the Detroit Red Wings?

However, according to Duffer over at the Leader-Post…one hat Larionov will NOT be wearing is that of the role that Stevie Yzerman wore last year – General Manager of the host team in the Olympics.  He was in negotiations for the job for six months, but ultimately turned it down for the apparent lack of control that he would have:

“Before I did the job, I wanted to make sure I had the decisions on the team and the coach but that was not going to be in my control.  We talked back and forth for a long time and I told him he should have had someone in place before this. But in the end I had to say no. If you can’t make the decisions, you can’t do the job. And right now, I have no idea who will take the job.” –Igor Larionov

Iggy thinks that job would be more of a an honorary position…with the federation making all the calls.  General Manager?  In Soviet Russia, General manages you!

That’s fine, just keep making that delicious Triple OT wine and start pushing young players to wear the Winged Wheel.