A Winning Weekend

Did anyone else celebrate Hank’s goal like it was the playoffs? Once that second goal was on the boards, I got the feeling the guys were back. It sure seemed like it. Howard made a couple great saves, but for the most part he was protected and just had to stop easy ones. Commodore looked pretty good out there, too. It’s nice having 7 defensemen that you trust to be on the ice at any given time. Just last year I was white-knuckling it every time Kindl and Ericsson were on the ice together.  Click the jump for more.

So it would seem we have a solid goalie, quality defensemen and a sporadic offense. Once that offense gets on the same page, Red Wings will take the Central Division. I would say that the 5-0 whooping the Wings gave the Ducks was proof that the offense is back, but it’s just one game and the Ducks didn’t really seem to be trying. Still, a win is a win and that had to boost the confidence of some key players.

Now the fun stuff. The votes have been tallied and it looks like the Helm Twins pulled off the victory. It was close all around and I would love to send all the participants a prize, but I can’t, so my sincerest congratulations and thanks for playing will have to do. I’m giving the winner 43 hours to claim the prize by emailing us at nightmareonhelmstreet@gmail.com. Congratulations to the Helm Twins!

I tested one of the beers on Friday to see how they were coming along. I tried it about a week too soon, but it was still quite good. Extremely hoppy. It was like drinking a lawn. One 12oz beer got me nice and buzzed. So hopefully you girls are into that!