Homer In, Wally Out

Give and take…give and take.

Heading into last night’s game – it was adding Pavel Datsyuk and removing Jan Mursak
Heading into Wednesday’s game – it’s adding Tomas Holmstrom and removing Valtteri Filppula

“I’m assuming he’s not going to play this week.  He went for an MRI today and it’s a sprain. He should be ready (next week).”–Ken Holland

That quote coming from The Detroit News.  So that’s the result of that awkward collision with Brand Dubinsky last night.  Could have been worse…a lot worse.  When I saw the replay in slow motion, I certainly winced with visions on Franzen dancing in my head.  Wally out for a week?  That’s almost cause for celebration – if it truly pans out that way – if you look at the catastrophic injuries we’ve had over the past season plus.

If Filppula is only out for seven days, he’ll miss Wednesday’s game against the Predators and then Friday and Sunday’s game against the Bruins.  Can you live with that?

At least getting Tomas Holmstrom back helps soften the blow.  Seeing that kevlar reinforced behind in the face of the opposing goalies is a sight long overdue.