7 More Years of Kronwalling

Worried about Nick Jr. leaving after this season? Well don’t be, because Kenny’s got it all covered.

Announced a few hours ago, Kronwall will be continuing to give Havlet nightmares for the next seven seasons in a Detroit uniform, all for a reasonable cap hit of 4.75 million.  Puck Daddy presented breakdown:

Darren Dreger of TSN had the contract breakdown: $4.50 million in Year 1 (thanks to a $1.25 million signing bonus); $6 million per season from Years 2-4; $5.5 million in Year 5; $3.5 million in Year 6; $1.75 million in Year 7, when Kronwall will be 37 years old. Good to see Ken Holland hasn’t lost his knack for creative accounting.

Really, not a bad contract hit at all.  Look at what other folk have been signing for and realize he’s probably better then almost all of them (and this leaves an opening for Shea to head to Detroit…just saying). 

Nice to have some good news from the Wings after an atrocious week hockeywise.   We have seven more years of this:


Happy Halloween Havlet…Muhahaha.

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