Fils Sits, Mo Hits, Oz…Swings?

Not going to be able to catch today’s game live as I have a one-time work commitment on a Sunday.  Lately, the games that I have missed – I haven’t been all that upset about due to the Wings shabby play.  But they showed us a glimpse of what they are capable of on Friday.  As the team gets healthier…I expect to see more and more of the play I saw two nights ago.

In the meantime, let’s check in on three players currently out with injury with some quotes via Khan(!):

“I have to let it get better before I try to get on the ice.” –Valtteri Filppula

Wally is being withheld from practice with a sprained MCL suffered when he was hit by Brandon Dubinsky of the New York Rangers.  Originally, they said he would only sit a week – well, tomorrow will be a week and he’s still not even skating.  Bummer.

On the good news front…someone who is skating is Mike Modano.

modanoplayerpic1“The hand’s really feeling good, as far as pushing and shoving and getting a little bit more involved in the traffic and some contact.  Strength-wise, it’s really close.” –Mike Modano

Some people have probably forgotten that Mikey Mo is even on this team.  But the 40 year old is looking to return to the lineup sometime during the week long road trip out West that the Wings will embark on starting later this month.

Also, Chris Osgood – who is still recovering from surgery – will be traveling to Scotland and Ireland over the summer for some golf.  The trip comes courtesy of his teammates, who are paying for this trip in honor of Ozzie getting win number 400 in his career.

osgoodplayerpic“When guys do that for me … it’s emotional.  You remember the games, but things like that you never forget.” –Chris Osgood

Ozzie will be joined by Zetterberg, Draper, and Howard on his trip…gotta love those stupid goalies sticking together.  But we can worry about golf later, today…let’s take care of the Bruins again.  And from the commercial I’m seeing on the NHL Network this morning, it looks like Detroit will be donning the reclusive third jerseys worn during the Winter Classic.  Awesome.