120 Minutes

…as in two games since Detroit has scored a goal.  Two consecutive shutouts against divisional opponents.  Is there no better time to get Datsyuk and Holmstrom back?

I don’t care if we played both games short-handed for the entire game – there’s no way that this team should ever be shutout without an outright heroic performance like we saw from Jonathan Quick back on December 13th.  Luckily, we had that nice little point cushion in the Central…but with 30 games to go, we’re no longer running away with it.  Nashville is only five points back.  Oh, and we can basically kiss the #1 seed goodbye as Vancouver has stretched its lead to nine points…the most Detroit has trailed in the race.

So crumple up this weekend and toss it in the trash.  Hopefully, the final 30 games of this season will be much more successful.  We should see the return of Dangles, of the Demolition Man, of Stuey, and Ozzie….and Mikey Mo.  By the end of this season, we’ll have the whole lineup that we started with when Detroit was kicking tails and taking names.

We get another shot at Bubba this week sandwiched between two Eastern Conference opponents.  Goals are probably not going to come easy this week, so getting #96 and #13 back is really going to help.

And hey…at least Pittsburgh had a bad weekend, too.  The Pens get shutout by the Caps on the same day Rapelesberger and the Steelers get beat by the Pack.