Wings 4 Jets 2

Another good start for Detroit leads to yet another win over the NHL-owned Phoenix Coyotes.

Realizing that we’re only three games into this post season, Detroit seems to have fixed many of the problems that plagued them during the final “push” to the play-offs.  Hot starts and depth scoring is once again showing the way for our Detroit Red Wings.

As expected, Phoenix came out running and gunning and trying to smash every Red Wing that touched the puck.  The end result – Ruslan Salei, of all people, and Drew Miller tallied just 44 seconds apart in the first. Ha!  The Wings are refusing to get pushed around by this team.  For crying out loud, Valtteri Filppula was standing up for himself against JovoCop last night.

By the way – I think the next time Helm scores a goal, one of the Wings should grab his face like Jovo did in game 2 to celebrate…

Yeah…that was a penalty, Gary…suuuuuuuure.

Anyway, after the 2-0, the game settled down a bit.  Jimmy Howard completely shut down the Phoenix comeback attempt in the first, making some solid saves.  The Wings didn’t come out of the gate quite as strong in the second period, but Jiri Hudler and Val Filppula hooked up just under three minutes into the frame to up 3-0.

Phoenix scored a powerplay goal with 8:17 left in the second…not the best goal that Jimmy’s given up.  But Schlemko (tee hee) actually put a pretty good shot off the bar and in.  The Wings took a 3-1 lead into the dressing room before the start of the third.

And the final frame started off pretty freakin’ awesome too.  As the Mule, unfazed by his new half-shield got a breakaway just 45 seconds in and fired a wrister past Bryzgalov on the glove side.  The Wings held Phoenix off the scoreboard aside from a flukey pinball type goal (again on the PHX powerplay) with only 7:00 left in the final frame.

4-2 Wings is your final score.  And the Red Wings are up three games to love in this series.

You know what mixes well with octopi on the ice?  Brooms.