Tonight’s Lineup vs Sushi

So apparently Bobby Ryan’s arm bone is connected to his leg bone.  But whatever – 99 times out of a hundred, the ref makes that stupid call last night…

Even Larry “I don’t know that I actually work for Detroit” went back on his “and that was the proper call”.  But whatever, if the PP didn’t go 1-9 last night – we never would have put ourselves in that position.

Let’s hope that tonight we figure out how to adjust our break-in – even though we probaly won’t get many chances against San Jose.winged_wheel

Khan(!) has the possible lineup for tonight’s contest:

Draper-Helm-(Abdelkader or Miller)



Rafalski is on his way back to Detroit – despite what Khan(!) states.  Kenny said on today’s Powerplay show (on the NHL Network) that he woke up and his back wasn’t any better.  He won’t play tonight and he won’t play on Saturday against the Phoenix Puppy Dogs.  We could have used him on the PP last night/tonight/Saturday.

San Jose is one of the hottest teams in the league right now.  They’ve won seven straight games and eight of their last ten.

Let’s see if Joey MacDonald and the Wings can put the sushi back on ice.