Wings 3 Sabres 2

It looked like it was going to be a completely disapointing game for Detroit.  Only one goal scored again?  Two games and only two goals?  Are you kidding me?

But Happy made sure that we weren’t going away empty handed…and only moments after Miller made the save of the game.  Joey Mac played a solid game.

Man, did Helm work his tail off in OT.  I really, really, wish Filppula hadn’t decided not to dish it to The Namesake on that two-on-one instead of pulling up and going to his backhand which didn’t even lead to a shot on goal…but that’s okay – I know he’s just rusty.

Buffalo was 5-0 heading into this shootout.  We had arguably the best shootout goalie in the NHL against Joey MacDonald – who is only on our squad because Ozzie is hurt.  But what the hey…

Shooter one – Stafford tries to go five hole on Joey…stopped.

Shooter two – Datsyuk goes forehand, backhand and beats Miller

Shooter three – Vanek tries beating Joey glove side…stopped.

Shooter four – Hudler banks it off the post, off of Miller, and into the net.

Game over.

Two points…we’ll take it.