Tonight’s Lineup vs Buffaslugs

“We got net presence there, we got a guy who can shoot it and a guy who can transport it. Hopefully, it’ll be a good line.  We think we’re a better team with those guys in. Anytime you’ve been out for a while sometimes you’re not as smooth as you’d like to be and sometimes you’re good right off the top and then you go in the tank for a couple of weeks. But we’re confident he’s a real good player and he can help us.” –Mike Babcock

winged_wheelCan you guess who he’s talking about?  It’s the return of Valtteri Filppula.  Which means the end of the world….of scorecraft – according to Khan(!).



MacDonald (starting)

So after the Dallas debacle on Thursday, Babbles has decided to break up the Cleary-Datsyuk-Hudler line…apparently trying to give them a funny nickname cursed them to death.  No Rafalski tonight (back spasms) and as of 3:30 PM (EST), we don’t know who is going to be scratched.  I guess we’ll just have to see who plays against the Buffaslugs – I’m guessing it won’t be Drew Miller.  And hey, Mikey Mo is back!

And oh boy – Joey MacDonald is starting…meaning I’ll never feel safe tonight.