Take THAT, Shawn Matthias!

Wings 3 Panthers 2

Shawn Matthias was the prospect we traded away at the 2007 Deadline to acquire Todd Bertuzzi (the first time).

Come on buddy…swing that thing!  You know you want to – and we were all certainly waiting for it after Thursday’s game against Tampa.  How about that drunk bastard who threw one out DURING PLAY.  The whistle blew (the Wings were attacking)…and actually I think Florida scored shortly after.  Bad form…but whatever.

Some thoughts on last  night’s game:

  • Todd Bertuzzi is playing like the guy we wanted him to be when we traded for him in ’07 and then re-signed him in the summer of ’09.
  • Pavel Datsyuk would have hit 100 points if he hadn’t been hurt.  Dominating player.
  • I never feel safe with a one goal lead…especially when Joey MacDonald is in net.
  • Dan Cleary’s goal was awesome – talk about determination.

And finally…let me say this: a win is a win.  Considering we played the night before, I’m happy we walked away with two points.  Did they sit back a little after getting that two goal lead?  Yeah, it certainly looked like it.  But when it’s all said and done, we got the two points and that is what counts.