East Bound and Down

I’m not playing around with the title…and it may not look like it – but I spent a good deal of time working on this poster while The Future Mrs. Nightmare on Helm Street flipped between The Wedding Planner, American Idol…and I don’t remember what the other crap show she was watching.  All I know is that I’m relinquishing her remote privileges and I liked the slogan of this too much to pass it up…

Maybe Columbus should be in the Eastern Conference…that would make the show title a little more relevant.  But the slogan seems fitting with Detroit’s dominance over the BJ’s.  Remember when they made the play-offs that one time?  Down in four to the mighty Red Machine.  Nash has always been a pain in the rear – but he’s quickly losing his #1 Wing Killer title to the likes of guys like Ryan Getzlaf and Matt Duchene. 

And yes, I did find his actual signature and put it on there.

Details, my friends…details.

How about a solid performance tonight, Jimmy?  How about it?