Wigns 7 Sens 5


They score, we score, we score, they score, we score, they score, and so on and so forth.

Jimmy needs to step up his game.  Some weren’t his fault…but 5 goals is too many, especially against Ottawa.  We won this game because of this man…

Curly fries and then some thanks to Johan Franzen and those ridiculous canines…or are they bicuspids?  Anyway, he attacked that net like a Vlad the Impaler on a red-headed virgin.  First career hat-trick in the regular season (he has three in the post-season) for the Mule…feed him.  Five friggin’ goals.  Surpassing his career best (which I was there to see) of four against San Jose in the play-offs last season.

Not much else I’d like to say about this game.  Every two points is important – so we’ll take them.  But this one was anything but pretty.

Let’s get Pav and Holmer back this weekend and play some Red Wings hockey.

Oh and the powerplay connected (twice) for the first time in six games, so that’s a bright spot.

And one more time…