Wings 3 Devils 1

njlogoConsidering the roster we iced…not bad.

Considering the team we played…not impressive.

Though, I would like to say that I agree with the VS crew who said that Jakub Kindl looked impressive tonight.  And Darren Helm?  The Namesake?  A scoring touch?  Whhhhhhaaaaat?

Goals from Helm, Filppula, and a wicked wrister from Franzen.  Oh and Jimmy only let in one he should have had…and that happened to be the only one he let in at all.  Awesome.

winged_wheelWe’ll take the two points, and we’ll take being up on Chicago by 10 points with a game in hand. 

Second in the West is not a bad place to be in…especially when you’ve hade to do it without the guys we’ve had to play without for the amount of games we’ve had to play without them…you follow?  Now we can just sit back, relax, and know that when we come back from the All Star break, we’ll be healthy enough to say with confidence that we are officially the best team in hockey again.

Oh and Cindy won’t be suspended for not showing up for the festivities like our boys were when they missed because of injury…hmmm.

Go Team Lidstrom.