Another Documentary Poster

I wanted to do a piece on M. Knight’s “Devil” and make a crack about his twist endings and how he hasn’t made anything worth seeing in over a decade.  But there just wasn’t enough I could do with the posters that I found.  So, I present you with this little slice from a documentary about women in Liberia…

New Jersey’s current placement in the standings (LAST IN THE NHL) is their penance for putting us through that freakshow of an off-season last summer.  They’ve been playing better as of late, so hopefully our boys come to play tonight.  Let’s send these yahoos back to the land of Snooki.

“That thing is famous….WHY?”

Pretty sad when a bunch of fist pumping, over-gelled, beefcakes and whores are a bigger source of pride to New Jersey than the Devils are.

…too harsh?