Wings 5 Flames 4

Crazy game.

Stuart is out indefinitely now with a broken jaw.

Stuart is having a tough couple of weeks.  And now, because of this low-down dirty hit – he’ll be eating out of a straw until god knows when.

winged_wheelThe game itself was pretty frustrating to watch.  I hate to say at times I was yelling words at the TV that I don’t usually yell at our boys – no, not cuss words (for the most part)…it was mostly things like “skate!” and “help him!” and of course “shoot it!”.  Despite the lackluster play by Detroit, at times, it’s always nice to know that when we’re trailing – we’re only a powerplay away from another goal…unless it’s a 5-on-3, apparently.

The Six Million Dollar Man decided that he had a goose egg in the goal department quite long enough.  They may not have been pretty, but Raf’s pair of goals were huge.  Oh and Eaves continues to snipe from Steven Stamkos’s favorite spot…and I dig it.

The kids are alright.  Mursak, Helm, Abdelkader, Tatar, Miller, Eaves, and old man Draper continue to refuse to take a shift off.  These guys are working their tails off and have been a huge part of Detroit’s recent success in the face of adversity.  With the injury toll rising, we’ll continue to look to these guys to keep up this level of hustle and determination.

Howard started off rough…man, did he start off rough.  But, true to form, he battled through it and ended up saving the game for Detroit several times before it was all said and done.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – having Chris Osgood as a mentor, would benefit any goalie in the mental toughness category.  Jimmy is a competitor who, though angry about bad goals, doesn’t fall apart and keeps battling.  He leaves the bad games on the ice and comes to play every night.  Jimmah stopped all three shooters in the shootout in impressive fashion…almost making it look easy.

Bertuzzi had the slowest approach in shootout history.  But the man gets it done.  One goal is all it took and the Wings get the ever-important two points on the night.

Vancouver speed bagged Edmonton last night 6-1 and continue to be up two points on us with a game in-hand.  Tonight’s game is going to be tough – especially without:

  1. Mike Modano
  2. Pavel Datsyuk
  3. Danny Cleary
  4. Val Filppula (maybe)
  5. Brad Stuart

We’re halfway through the season.  The injury list is looking almost as full as it was last year, but our position in the standings is quite different.  We go to battle tonight with a depleted lineup against the hottest team in hockey right now.  But if anyone is going to stop the Nucks run…it might as well be the boys in red and white.