Yzerman’s Legacy

You know it was bound to happen.  Unless Canada wins 4 straight games in 6 days and wins the gold, you better believe they’ll be plenty of people with their pitchforks and torches.  After Sunday’s defeat at the hands of Team USA, Hockey Canada is already starting to question management, which just happens to be The Captain.

Now rather and doing a public pouting session like Gretzky did in Salt Lake City, true to form, Yzerman remained calm, cool, and focused as reported by ABC

“We know the expectations and the hopes of our country.  Our players just want to win. They want to do well. It’s a great challenge for them. You can’t worry about anything other than playing the game — and not worry about the big picture.”

We wouldn’t expect any different from Stevie-Y.  But is there a bigger question trying to bubble up to the surface here?

“I’ve chosen this career path and win or lose. They have been great experiences.  I’m not concerned about my legacy.”

Who in the hell is questioning Yzerman about his legacy?  Let me make this plain and simple – Steve Yzerman the player will ALWAYS be remembered before Steve Yzerman, the GM of Hockey Canada for 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  That is the way it should be.  If there’s anyone out there who’s going to put these Olympic Games, regardless of how it ends, before all of the great things he did over the years spent on the ice, quite frankly: you’re a moron.

I know it’s easy to get swept up in the drama and the angst because the games are going on right now, but come on people, you’re going to start questioning Steve Yzerman’s legacy because you finished 6th in preliminary play?  Before the tournament is even over?

“Are you stupid?  Hell no.”

Yzerman is and will always be remembered as the epitome of class.  He was one of the most determined, and most effective leaders to ever play the game of hockey.  He is The Captain in Detroit.  You say those words around anyone in the state of Michigan who knows hockey, and they know who you are referring to.

So Canada may not leave with the gold or any medal, Yzerman’s legacy remains intact with those who are in the know.  Crucify him if you want.  Go ahead.  I encourage it.  Why?  Because I know better.  My fellow Red Wings fans know better.  We know what Yzerman’s legacy will be from now until forever.  And if he gets a little bad press as a GM for Hockey Canada?  Does that make him less likely to leave Detroit’s organ-i-zation? 

Then I say, “bring it on.”