You’re Not Friends with Darren Helm

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but there’s been some chatter going around about The facebook-iconNamesake’s facebook page…or what we thought was his facebook page.  Some of you have already seen this e-mail sent out by a true personal friend of Helm’s (not me, never met the guy).  Here’s the real story…

As a friend of Darren Helm I want to clarify that any “Darren Helm” that has added you on Facebook IS NOT the Detroit Red Wings Player.

Take note of this by questioning the legitimacy of “Darren Helm” on their wall—your comments will swiftly be deleted by the impostor(s).
The person(s) responsible for the account are being asked to close the page permanently; Facebook moderators have also been notified.
Darren genuinely appreciates any support of the Detroit Red Wings organization and thoroughly enjoys interacting with fans. While he prefers to keep his personal life separate from his professional one, Darren looks forward to meeting all of you at Red Wings fan events and games.
Thanks for your time.

The friend also said that he’s seen NOHS, though he doesn’t follow it, and he’s pleased that I didn’t include the famous “that’s the sound of me being awesome” pic with him and his now ex-girlfriend.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say to that girl, you’re cute, but you’re stupid for not staying with the guy.