You Can’t Win Em’ All

Just a few quick thoughts on yesterday’s 5-4 SO loss to Colorado:

  • By God, Janik, you are never allowed to fight again. That was the most embarrassed I’ve ever been as a Red Wings fan.
  • Line 2 looks better than Jenn Sterger does to Brett Favre.  Val is shooting, Mule is scoring, and Todd Bertuzzi is LEADING THE LEAGUE IN POINTS.  What else could you ask for?
  • Line 3, well, they have their moments of greatness and moments of shame.  Modano still has the wheels but seems tenitive to shoot.  Hudler just needs to put on in the back of the net and he’ll be fine.  Cleary, however, has been great.
  • What a shorthanded goal by Eaves and Helm.  Fastest line possible?  Maybe.  I say they end up with at least 6 shorthanded goals this year between them.
  • Howard was not the reason the Wings lost this game.  He had one of those games where I could tell he felt good out there, but the puck just wasn’t hitting him.  These games happen and are easy to bounce back from.  He will.
  • I think I like Salei back there.  He’s solid as could be and not Lilja with the puck.
  • OK, in the shootout, put the puck up if you are going to make a move guys.  Otherwise, dekes are simple to save.

The good thing is that the Wings had a bad game, yet they still scored four goals and almost managed a victory.  Last year, that wouldn’t have happened.