Yep, It Still Sucks

…But score watching each and every night/morning will have to be a daily routine from now until April.  It’s just the way it is this year.  Here’s how last night’s Western Conference games went according to me…


Thank you, Los Angeles…bastards.  I’m not really sure about how I feel towards the St. Louis/Dallas game.  Would you rather have one team tied with you in points and one team three points back?  Or would you rather have two teams one point behind you?

Think about this…the Blues have won five in a row.  Detroit’s longest winning streak this year: four (Dec. 11-Dec. 17th).  Colorado and Phoenix are both off of our radar unless we can start stringing some wins together.  Here’s how we enter tonight’s contest…

There are four teams within three points of us.  That’s really scary considering how the Wings played on Tuesday.  We could find ourselves in 12th place rather quickly if the boys wearing the Winged Wheel don’t wake up right now.

Divisional opponent tonight in a must-win game.  60 full minutes tonight boys…60 full minutes.