So apparently Ryan Lambert of Puckdaddyhates Cristobal Huet more than the Japanese hate dolphins and whales.

Lambert basically blames Huet for chasing away the fringe hockey fans in the US who were lured to the sport because of last week’s Men’s Gold Medal Game between the USA and Canada…

 With what was assumed to be a surefire excellent matchup between two Original Six teams that just happen to be division rivals, one of which is among the best teams in the league and the other being the Detroit Red Wings, as the next game televised on NBC, what could possibly go wrong?

Well Cristobal Huet, for one.

Ouch.  Here we go…

He was doing alright until about four minutes into the second period when he turned all … well, Huet-y. Four goals on seven shots in 6:15 and the game, which Chicago had been leading 2-0, was pretty much over. It was a total gong show of goaltending ineptitude that not only underscored that they’ll let just about anyone start an NHL game these days, but also that if you came in expecting Canada/USA-quality play, you might wanna be prepared to settle for Latvia-Norway.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. And here I thought that I was talking some smack against our little bros from the Windy City.  Yahoo Sports just threw a big clump of wet dirt into the face of the Blackhawks.

Lambert also blasts the officiating for the Kane goal being disallowed, but that really doesn’t hold water with Wings fans since it happened to Holmstrom not even a week ago.