Wings Ticket Pries Up 11%

This is probably old news, but reading a Reuters article today I noticed this little factoid: The Detroit Red Wings have raised ticket prices 11% on average this season.  They were one of five teams in the league that had a double digit price increase this season.

However, the Wings still have a reasonable ticket price compared to the other Original Six teams:

he Detroit Red Wings continue to be the only member of the Original Six with an FCI under the league average. The Red Wings’ average ticket is up 11 percent to $51.73 and their FCI is up 7.3 percent to $299.92.

Still, it is hard to defend raising prices 11% when Michigan has really had very little signs of recovery.  The number of families that can afford the $300 to go to a game on a regular basis isn’t high.

I was at the BJ vs. Flyers game last night and noticed that they have family packages for $30 each for every Friday game, which includes $10 concession, a hat, Tim Horton’s Timbits (because I guess why not?), and a travel mug.  That seems very reasonable and I wonder if the Wings do anything like this to make it more affordable for families.