Wings Talk Cooke Hit on Savard

Everybody has been talking about the most recent head shot that Pittsburgh Penguin Matt Cooke laid on Boston Bruin Marc Savard.  Well, some of your Wings chimed in on it too.

From the Slam! Sports Blog

“I thought it was dirty. If he throws his shoulder into his body, it’s a hit.  But he’s in a vulnerable position, and (Cooke) goes at him. I don’t think he elbowed him, but he went towards his head area when he easily could have gone to the body and taken him out of the play.”–Jason Williams

You remember, J-Willz got clobbered by Raffi Torres back during his first stint as a Red Wing.  Many say that Williams was never the same after getting his eggs scrambled.

Here’s what your head coach had to say:

“Crosby said it best.  So I’m just going to quote him. ‘We’ve been talking about it and talking about it — it’s time we made a decision about it instead of just talking about it. Is that a legal hit or an illegal hit?  These players all have got families and wives at home, and all want to be safe on the ice. I think it’s important we look after one another, and the way to look after one another is simply have the fine and suspension long enough that they don’t do it.”–Mike Babcock

Ah…using the NHL’s own golden boy to try and force their hand…crafty, Mike.  Very crafty.

If Cooke is suspended for his most recent head shot, it will be the third time in a little over a year.