Wings Ranked #1 Everywhere

Just a quick roundup of the meaningless power rankings around the league.

USA Today has the Wings at #1 in their first power ranking of the season.  Of note is that they also have Nick Lidstrom as the Norris leader at this early point in time, by a wide margin over Kris Letang(!?).

TSN also has the Wings in first and notes:

In the Wings’ only regulation loss this season, they allowed a season-low 15 shots against in Dallas.

Because of course, that is relevant. Overall, I think they’ve actually been giving up too many shots this season for my personal liking.

ESPN has them at #1 as well.  They note:

A dramatic win by the Wings in the waning seconds against Anaheim on Saturday gave Detroit its third straight win. The team is getting scoring from up and down the lineup.

Fox Sports, with there incredible $200 yearly budget for the NHL, has some hack that puts the Wings at #2 in their rankings behind Nashville. (OK, so they use point % to rank, but I don’t care. He’s still a hack.)

Henrik Zetterberg’s six-point week allowed the Red Wings to move up five places in the rankings. Detroit’s stars center registered three goals and three assists in his team’s two games, including a four-point night in a 5-4 win over Anaheim.

CBS Sports has them at #3, behind the Bruins and Preds.  Really? The Bruins?  While off to a hot start, does anyone really think they are stronger than the Wings?

Todd Bertuzzi is off to a strong start and Jimmy Howard hasn’t lost in regulation so far.

Thanks for that line of brillance.

SB Nation, home of the Winging It In Motown blog, compiles votes of all the various blogs on their network and came up with the Wings as #2 in the West, behind the Preds again.

3.29 goals per game so far this season. The Wings are good. Again.

Damn straight they are.