Wings Fan- Awesome Color

Here’s another installment of “find an obscure Red Wings fan”, a favorite of NOHS reader, Eats, who is on vacation down in the sunny south right now.


It happened almost in a flash for Allison Busch.

The Swartz Creek native had just arrived in Brooklyn in 2003, drum set in tow. In less than a year her band Awesome Color went from playing parties and weekly  shows to a record deal and national tours with alternative rock legends Sonic Youth.

Okay, cool, but what does that have to do with the Red Wings?

Allison (center) and her band, Awesome Color

Q: The band got its start in Brooklyn, but you just moved back to Detroit. Why?

A: Money for one thing. Rents there are three times what they are in Michigan and we’ve been touring so much that it didn’t make a lot of sense to keep paying all that money if we were never there. Plus, I’m a Red Wings fan and it’s nice to be able to actually watch some games again.

Hey, thatta girl.  Rent money is important, but we all know the REAL reason Allison came back to Detroit.  Welcome back, lady.  Let’s hope that we’re still watching Red Wings hockey along with you all the way into June.