Wings – 4 Blue Jackets – 2

So the second game against another little brother of the Central: The Blue Jackets.  Decided to do this in a live blog style bullet points, because I hate complete sentences. So here goes.

1st Period

  • Wings D seem weak, as in muscle, not skill.  Jackets players are cutting in and pushing them around.
  • Howard looked great in the first, no chance on the tip and was with every breakaway that the BJ’s had. 
  • Mason got a good one in the face from Abby, but jeez man, you are wearing a mask.  No need to go all Osgood 2008 Hollywood style. 
  • Helm’s effort on the PK earns the Wings a power play.
  • Mason is on again, damnit. 

2nd Period

  • Zetterberg looks like a man possessed.  However, he can’t buy a goal.  He did his own version of Dangle Dangle a few times though.
  • I actually like the BJ’s jerseys.  Simple and classy.  I like the Wings wearing white at home even more.  
  • The BJ’s announcers put me to sleep.  They have the game turned way down and the announcers are all you can really hear.  Seems so much more boring than the Detroit feed.  I’ve had more interesting science classes. 
  • Two goals, like 14 seconds apart.  Kronner and Helm.  Nice shot Helm, but Mason had his eyes shut on that one.  Sign that suddenly, Mr. Mason might not be on his game anymore.
  • Fourth line’s been the best one so far.  Creating chances, and now, scoring goals.  
  • Hudler really just isn’t feeling it.  The little guy had a great chance to shoot on a second period power play and passed it back to Kronwall, whose shot was blocked.  Need more shoot Happy. 
  • Terrible terrible call on Kronwall at the end of the second.  He did exactly what he was supposed to in defending a 2-1 as the man backchecking.
  • 17-8 Wings outshoot the Jackets in the second.  That’s more like it.  Mason’s the only thing keeping ’em in the game. 

3rd Period.

  • Fil is having a quietly great year.  He’s consistently winning battles by moving his feat and scoring both pretty and ugly goals. 
  • That is, except for his four minute penalty.  Sloppy use of his stick there.
  • Another terrible call on Kronwall in the third.  “That was certainly a holding penalty” according to the BJ announcers.  Except the holding and penalty part, they were right. 
  • What a kill on the 5-3 for the Wings.  Everyone on the ice made the right decision on the play and a very Helm like job by Zetterberg to kill some time. 
  • Great work by the crowd too.  Real fans know when to cheer and that 5-3 kill deserved a standing ovation.
  • Little scary after the Wings got a little lazy on that PK in the final two minutes, but nice work for Cleary to hit the net at the end of the game. 
  • Danny boy has ten goals on the season.  Nice little start for the Irishman.
  • Another solid win for the Wings.  Good play in net and all around.
  • Blue Jackets are a solid team and will make the

So I though I would try something different here for the Wings three stars of the game.  You choose ’em, if I can get it working that is.

Update: Got it working!!!!