Wings – 4 Puppy Dogs – 1

It isn’t very often you get a night-of recap here at NOHS (due to the fact that Drew goes to almost every game and meets his quota of at least three 24oz Molson XXX and I’m way too ADD past the hour of 3 PM), but damn, that was a fun game to watch.   Detroit played fairly well, but most notably took advantage of their chances (I like that…less blue balls for all) and when they fell apart, Jimmah was there in the net, shutting down almost everything Bettman’s Coyotes could fire at him.  It is two huge points in the standings which puts them 3 points out of 8th place with a game in hand.  In addition, they are only six points out of fourth place with two games at hand.


By the way, the Wings would find themselves in 6th place if they played in the lessor conference out East.

Random Thoughts:

  • Where would we be this year without the team chipmunk, Tomas Holmstrom?  15 goals for the Swede, still leading the team.  By the way, how the hell doesn’t Homer have a real nickname?  Or did I miss it?  So much potential…
  • I didn’t realize how injured the team was (well I did, but this put it in persective) until Val came back a few games ago and made Miller and Abby look like the fourth liners that they should be right now.  It still kills me a little to think that our #2 powerplay is Abby, Ritola, Miller/Eaves, with Meech and Lebda on the back end.  That would struggle to be powerplay in Midget hockey, let alone the Wings.  (Remember #2 last year?  Franzen, Hossa, Hudler, Kronwall, Sammy…ok, forget about Sammy, but still.)
  • Turns out Anders Eriksson is NOT dead.   He’s literally been on 13 different teams in the past decade and somehow is sticking around.   Loved how he said he was taking it easy until he got the call from PHX and told them it’d be a few weeks before he was in shape.  Guess that fatass nickname was valid.
  • Jimmy Howard is not only beginning to look like the team starter for the regular season AND playoffs, he’s also starting to be a serious contender for the Calder Trophy.   Has there been another rookie this year that has meant as much to their team as Jimmah has to the Wings?  Right now, if we have regular season Osgood instead of Jimmah, we aren’t waiting to get healthy to make a run for it, we are in contention for the lottery pick.
  • Random, watching the Edmonton game and boy, do they ever need a goaltender named the Bulin Wall to return. 
  • Speaking of Osgood, he’s not too happy about sitting.  He had an interesting response to Babcock saying that he is going to play whichever goalie is playing better.   Per an interview with digger Chris McCosky (via A2Y):

    “I don’t think I have to prove that. I know how to play, I just have to play — that’s all there is to it. It’s not a matter of earning an opportunity. You have to get into some games and get into a groove and then I can play like I can. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it. “But if you don’t play, it’s impossible to get to that point. I’m a goalie,

OK, and I’ve been playing for 20-some years since Juniors. What I say (about goaltending) is closer to the facts than what he (Babcock) would say.”


“The games that I’ve played, I don’t think I’ve played badly. I feel like I’ve played pretty good. The third goal in Chicago was a bad goal, but I played real good in the third period.  “I don’t feel like I should not be playing.”

  • First off Osgood, come on man, you aren’t Chris Pronger.  It is “real well,” not “real good.”  

    And more importantly, the main point.  I’m a stupid goalie as well and can sympathize with you a bit.  I have a story that is a little like yours.  In college, I was the starter for my first 3 years.  Going into my last year, a new guy comes in and gets most of the starts right out of the bat.   The season prior, I was named to the all-region team and thought my place was secure as the number one guy.  It clearly wasn’t and I was pissed. The other goalie was good, but I never felt I lost the spot and didn’t know why I wasn’t playing.   I barley got any games at first and when I did, I was rusty and played, at best, average.   I struggled for the entire first half the season.  Finally, over the X-mas break, I finally got over myself.  I realized that no matter if I deserved more of a shot or not, I needed to take advantage of whatever games I got.  I pulled it together, took advantage of a couple chances and got my way back into the net, enough to be the starter for the second half of the season again and made it back on the all-region team.  (Damn, I miss college…well I guess I am still in college: round 3, but you know.)

    What does this have to do with you Osgood?  Get over yourself, soon.  You’ve been a good goaltender in the playoffs for the Wings, but that’s all the past.  And you did earn something with your past play.  You earned a chance to start the year as the #1.  But it wasn’t that Babcock magically or unfairly took it away from you.  You lost that spot to a goalie that has simply done one thing and has done that one thing consistently.  That one thing is this: he’s completely and utterly outplayed you on a nightly basis. 

    But you aren’t all wrong.  You aren’t far off that you have played pretty good (well compared to last year’s reg. season).  But that won’t cut it.   We need great now and if you can’t provide it, then you can sit on the bench.  And if you don’t realize this, then that is where you will stay.  And with that attitude, that is where you should stay too.  

    Now I’m always thought Jimmah was a talented goaltender, but he will falter eventually and you will get a game or two.  So you’ll get your chance.  Who knows, maybe it is this year that we see what Osgood really has once he does.  

  • I was planning a post to call out Bertuzzi haters everywhere, but this will do.   He’s simply been great over the past month.  Datsuyk’s goal was almost entirely off his hard work in offensive zone.   He has 11 points in the past ten games, and that includes three games where the Wings as a whole were shutout.  So you haters, repent now or Bert will go all Steve Moore on you…
  • Oh yeah, lately, Datsyuk has been also been giving a big “F’ You” to everyone who was calling him out for having an off year.  I’d still rather have Datysuk than Crosby any day of the week.  Snipe Snipe bitches.
  • It should be illegal how fast Helm is. 

The Triple Nightmare Deke on Helm Street Red Wing Players of the Game:

  1. “Jimmah” Howard – Simply outstanding.  Made at least 4 saves that should have been goals.  This kind of performance will help my fantasy team out tremendously.
  2. Nick Lidstrom – He’s heating up.  Another two point night which makes for six points the past three games.   Heading back on track for #7?  Just saying…
  3. Bertuzzi/Datsyuk/Homer –  Seriously, all three of them should have stars, they all had great games.  So they will.  Report me, I dare you.

Damnit Lebda.