Wings – 4 Ducks – 0 – Pavel Knows “Howe” To Do It.

Edited (9 AM): For some reason I had the Ducks scoring a goal.  Nope. Shutout b!tches.

(Had to make a terrible pun.  Sorry baby Jesus.)

What a way to open the season.  Domination, up and down the ice.  Modano with a goal on his first shot.  Pavel getting a Gordie Howe Hattrick, scoring a pretty goal, notching an assist and beating down c-sucker Corey Perry with his Russian fists of fury.  Rocky IV would have been the last of that series if they picked Datsyuk rather than that puss Ivan Drago to star.

But that’s not all.  Cleary is back and looks fast.  And we heard something about a sophomore slump?  Hell no.  Howard had a nice shutout, looking more controlled than ever.  Plus for good measure, he threw in a good ol’ fashioned facewash of Perry(?) in the third, using technique he learned from tooling Crosby earlier. Bertuzzi took a faceoff.  And Hudler impressed his hookers he had in the stands.

Basically, all four lines looked dangerous up and down the ice.  They “only” scored four, but it could have been much worse had Hiller not made some sick saves in the third.

Here’s our man “Pavel” providing even more quality entertainment after the game:

“I’m happy to have Gordie Howe hat trick, but it’s not my best dream,” Datsyuk said. “We win, that’s more important for us.

Now, every time (people) are going to ask me after the game, ‘Are you going to fight?’ “

The Good:

  • See above, as pretty much everything seemed like it was clicking.  I missed most of the first and part of the second, so feel free to add what you saw in the comments.
  • If they keep playing like this, nothing can stop Detroit from reclaiming what is rightfully theirs: #12.

The Bad:

  • Corey Perry is the biggest bitch in North America.  While I thought Pavel did great against the backstabbing, cheapshotting c-sucker, I couldn’t help but hope that Downey would jump out of the stands and takeover for our favorite Russian before a Lilja type concussion occurred.   So Datsyuk, while I was again impressed, by God never do that again.
  • The powerplay didn’t score, even though they had roughly one million chances.  Still, I’m not worried, there is so much firepower on the ice, I have no idea which line is out there, PP1 or PP2.
  • I hate the Ducks.  The Charlestown Chiefs played a cleaner game than those f’ers.

The Mike Recci:

  • The Big Rig is out tomorrow with back spasms.  And so it begins.  (Top Gear Top Tip of the Day: It’s hockey season, so invest in liquor stocks.  This is just an early sign that we’re gunna be drinking to get through it all.)

Next Up: @ Chicago – Tomorrow at 8:30 PM

  • I’ll let Down Goes Brown do the honors from his predictions for the season: 

    October 9, 2010 – The Chicago Blackhawks raise their Stanley Cup banner prior to their game against the Detroit Red Wings. The moment is marred somewhat when Detroit third-liner Kris Draper surveys the rafters and comments “Wow, Chicago, you’ve won four Stanley Cups? Me too!”  

    Awesome.  Go Wings.