Wings – 2 Flames – 1

Hey look at that, Mike Modano doesn’t completely suck.  And you know what, I think the third line might actually be fixed as well. I missed parts of the game, so this is just off what I saw…

  • Abby, when he got ice time (he only had 7:47) again looked great.  He had a very nice shot as well that beat Kipper. 
  • Mikey Mo sniped one and had four shots.  Hey buddy, that’s what happens when you shoot.  Try it more often new guy. 
  • Cleary had five shots and should have had two or three goals.  Kipper had some amazing saves on #11.  
  • Howard is really playing well. He didn’t have a shot on the Calgary goal and made some solid saves when called up.
  • However, it wasn’t just him.  The D played well as well, only allowing 17 shots.  I didn’t notice Ericsson much out there, which is a good thing actually.
  • Kronwall has regularly been getting more ice time than the greater Nick.  He lead the Wings with 25:43 minutes tonight, while TPH had a measly 25:41. 
  • Second line didn’t shine really tonight, but I thought Bert played well, which is good for the line.
  • So who sits for Hudler Friday?  My vote is still for Miller…though again, the fourth line had a great game.  Hell, you could sit Kindl, he only played 7 minutes and hasn’t really affected the game either way.

Good night for the Wings in the Central fight as well.  Nashville is starting to show their true colors, losing to Phoenix 4-3.  That’s their third loss in a row and Steve Sullivan has seriously stopped scoring.  There goes that great fantasy pickup.

The Blues have played even less games than the Wings now and, yet, are within one point of the Hawks (losers 5-2 against Dallas) despite playing SIX less games than Chicago.  In fact, the band-wagoners are 23rd in the league in point %.  Sure, it’s early, but at this rate, that’s not even making the playoffs.  And that’s great.