Why Gary Bettman Still Doesn’t Get It

After everything that has been said about the titillating (what a word) game Sunday, I don’t have a whole lot to add, other than this simple little point of why Gary Bettman still doesn’t get it.

I go to law school down here in Ohio, a place with no water for miles, like four trees, a couple highways, and a really freaking big school known as Ohio State.  For 365 days of the year, I am consistently barraged with OSU football.  I have a couple hockey friends down here, but other than those people nobody talks about hockey.  Now I think the Jackets are a good thing in Columbus and will only get better.  But people don’t talk about them “around the water cooler” so to speak.

Monday, I get to school, and all I hear are murmers and conversations about “did you see the hockey game last night” and “wow that was a hell of a game.”   My classmates know I’m a hockey guy and I probably was asked 50 times yesterday what I thought of the game. This has never happened before and probably won’t again, anytime soon.

I get that it is a business risk to participate, I get that there needs to be more cooperation between the IOC and the NHL.  I get that NBC sucks as a partner.  But for you to say that it doesn’t might not make sense for the league to have this showcase, even in Russia (there could be some great plot-lines behind those games too…), shows once again, you are simply a shortsighted, poor businessman who has no business running a league.

Fire Bettman.