Who’s it Gonna Be?


Someone who was on the team when they woke up this morning is not going to be on the team when they go to bed tonight.

And now we’ll all just have to sit around and wait to see who it is.  Exciting, no?  What are you up to, Kenny?  What is that genius brain pondering?  Who goes where and for what?

Lebda for a prospect/draft pick?

Wave May?

Williams for prospect/draft pick/exclusive video rights to that goal from last night?

Datsyuk for Luongo?  Oh wait, we had that opportunity before.  We’ll pass, thank you.

After yet another shoot out loss last night, we now sit precariously in 10th place after Dallas beat Calgary last night (in regulation, thank Jeebus).  The good news is we’re only one away from 8th place Calgary.  The bad news is we’re only one point clear of 11th place Anaheim.

Oh baby, no matter what happens, it’s going to be a March to remember.

But anyway, back to the original theme…who is headed out of hockey town?  Two things that I’ve been thinking about and my fellow internet buddies aka “fake friends” have been talking about…

  1. With Janik and Kindl in Grand Rapids, why would we still hold on to Meech and Lebda, especially with Lilja coming back aboard.  If Lils is back to playing like he was last season (we try and forget all seasons prior when he sucked), then we’d have an awesome top 6 with two decent “Black Aces” in case someone goes down.  Lebda, seeing as he’s 3 years older than Meech and a UFA at the end of the season, should hit the bricks.  We’ll take what we can for him.
  2. If Lebda goes, waive Brad May and we got ourselves Andreas Lilja back with no problem.
  3. Trading Jason Williams for a draft pick and a prospect is also a quick fix, a one transaction deal as opposed to the Lebda-May route which is two.  But I don’t think this move would be made to save busy work, that’s what Kenny and his staff get paid for.  We could probably get more for Williams than for Lebda, but neither are all that attractive as a rental.

So we’ll just sit back and wait to see what transpires today.  The best part about it?  The fact that the league will be involved so we won’t have to wait for the diggers to provide us the news when it happens.