Who’s Detroit’s MVP So Far?

In our previous post, DG made a comment that shows just how good the Wings have been up until now:

G-damn, look how competitive the Western conference is:
11 teams within a win or loss of 8th place in the conference.

You know what team isn’t included in that pile?  The Detroit Red Wings. 

So I ask: At around the quarter/third pole of the season, who has been the team’s MVP so far? 

I’ll give you a few options.

Henrik Zetterberg

Why he should be MVP:  26 points in 26 games.  Consistently a threat, defensively and offensively.  Has 108 shots, 30 more than anyone else on the team. 
Why he shouldn’t: Only an 8% shooting percentage and that’s with Dats passing to him with open nets.  Hes already got Emma Andersson, does he need anything else to make him feel good about himself?

Pavel Datsyuk

Why he should be MVP:  31 points leads the team.   Sharks’ defence now shorthanded after mass suicide after Pavel pulled a dangle dangle.   Makes Ryan Lambert cry he’s so good defensively. 
Why he shouldn’t:  Is invisible one or two games out of every ten.  Insistent on Tomas Holmstrom being his only English teacher.  

Nick Lidstrom

Why he should be MVP:  21 points in 26 games from D.  Has decided he now wants to grow younger and God has complied. Is the NOHS leader for Hart.  Universially considered the Perfect Human. 
Why he shouldn’t:  Point production has decreased since the UN brought him in to broker a peace between North and South Korea.  Has kept the cure for cancer secret from the rest of us, because you know he’s figured it out in his off time. 

Jimmy Howard

Why he should be MVP:  Apparently hates the Ducks more than we do, as he never lets them score.   Has said F-you to everyone who doubted he’d be able to pull off another solid season.  Rebound control has been stellar this year. 
Why he shouldn’t be MVP:  Is like the only player on the team to never win a Stanley Cup.  Hasn’t won every single game he’s played in. 

Todd Bertuzzi

Why he should be MVP:  Has unbelievably been one of the most consistent players offensively and defensively all year.  Leads the team in +/- and has 19 points.  Balances Filpulla’s prettiness well when on a line with him.  Pisses off Avs’ fan(s) everytime he hits the ice.   Is getting paid only in Whiskey, which is really saving the Wings cap space. 
Why he shouldn’t:  Thinks typewriters are on the cutting edge.  Will soon be implicated in the abduction of Darren Helm.

Other possibles: 

Danny Cleary
Johan Franzen
Brad Stuart

Your thoughts?  Who’s the Wings MVP so far?