What to do with Maltby?


Maltby got his third cortisone shot into his shoulder (the maximum that you can receive in one year) and is hoping that this one will get him through the rest of the season, according to the Free Press:

“We’ll see how it feels over the next few days and how it reacts to getting back on the ice, but I would love to play the rest of the season and into the playoffs.”–Kirk Maltby

Those players not in Vancouver today for the Olympics will be taking the ice for practice at 2:00 PM EST.  Maltby, who has earned the right to at least be heard, had this to offer in terms of going on LTIR in order to free up Gary’s Cap space for Lilja…

“That’s not my department, to worry about the salary cap and who may have to be moved,” he said. “I know we’re right there and if Lils comes off, something has to be done. Basically right now, though, it’s a lot of what-ifs. 

I’m a realist in that I know I’m on the tail end of my career, but I really want to play. I felt like this year, as far as my legs and my body, it’s held up pretty good. With the way the league is now, as long as you can skate, you’re able to play. I feel I can still contribute and help this organization win, not just this year, but maybe one more year. I do feel like I can fit that role of being a leader and still contributing in a limited role, especially as a penalty killer.”

Well…I’m sure Kirk and Kenny Holland are going to have a nice long chat once Tick Tock gets back from Vancouver.  What to do…what to do?