What are You Looking Forward to?

Here are the official results of the poll : “What are you looking forward to most?”

Since all options aside from “Next Season” have now come to pass, the poll is officially closed with 180 total votes.

As expected, the overwhelming majority of you were super excited to see the return of Johan Franzen prior to the Olympic Break.  And why not?  Look at what he’s done in the short time that he’s been on the ice: 5 points in only 6 games played.

The 16 votes for Valterri Filppula were probably predominantly the female portion of the readership, but not unfounded whatsoever.  With the return of Filppula, we now have 4 quality centers.  Despite playing in only 34 games, Val sits 8th on the team with 22 points.

Just behind the return of Flippula’s golden locks (and dark brown eyebrows) was the people looking forward to the Olympic Break.  I can only assume they were looking forward to this because this was supposed to signify the end of Franzen’s injury (why not just vote for Franzen then?).  Also, this break gives most of the team a chance to get their heads on straight and prepare for the epic run that is to come.  Or maybe 15 of you simply like watching the international games…

And 13 of you simply have given up on this season and can’t wait for the 2010-2011 campaign to start…shame on you.

The new poll is up and running so please vote away.