What a Weekend


Well good morning, gang.  Interesting few days, no?  How is everyone’s cardiovascular health?  Any heart attacks after Friday and Saturday’s thrilling finish?

Two goals scored with less than half a second to play on back-to-back nights.  One to steal a point, the other to steal the win.  The Red Wings were definitely playing the role of “cardiac kids”…kind of like watching Fernando Rodney try and close out a Tigers game.  He’d get the save, but not before loading the bases with nobody out.

The reason that Chris and I weren’t around this weekend was because we were playing in a hockey tournament in Brighton, MI.  It was the first time that I had ever played the role of GM in organizing the team, collecting money, getting jerseys made, taking care of lodging for some, the whole nine yards.  Needless to say, we were able to watch the entire Edmonton game at the local pub, and watched the end of the Vancouver game at the bar just about the rink.  I received an excited call from my sister informing me that for some stupid reason, FSN had actually mentioned this blog during the telecast while doing a profile on The Namesake, Darren Helm.

I haven’t seen the footage yet.  I didn’t even know that Ken Daniels talked about it until I got into the office this morning and read your comments and of course, I can’t go to youtube for at least another 8 hours so I will just have to wait.  But I thank you all for the kinds words and for posting the link as well.  As of this morning, the game was still not available on my FS Red Wings menu via Comcast.


Thanks to “dummy” for supplying the screen shot

-End of Red Wings talk in this post (just a warning)-

For any of you even remotely curious of how mine and Chris’s tournament went, we blew out the first team we played (officially) 13-0 on Friday night, went out and partied until after 1 AM despite the fact that we had a game around 11:15 the next morning.  We then got womped by the tune of 6-1 in that morning game.  We rebounded nicely Saturday night and took that contest to finish as the #2 seed in our pool.  Sunday morning had us pitted against the #1 seed in opposing pool.  We pulled off the 5-4 upset and earned a berth in the finals We earned another shot at the team that kicked our cans on Saturday morning.

The Sunday afternoon championship game started out nicely with one guy scoring two quick goals.  He was then ejected from the game after yapping at the ref following a marginal slashing call.  We had already lost one player who drove back to Grand Rapids so he could be at the banquet of the high school team that he coaches…so now we’re down two guys.  After we went up 3-0 heading late into the second frame, all hell broke loose behind our net as Chris was repeatedly charged into by the punks that we were playing.  One of our guys ended up with an opposing player on top of him wailing away at the top of his head while the official just stood there watching.  When we asked the ref why he didn’t step in to stop a helpless player from being pummeled, he said, “I wasn’t going to step in by myself”.  There were two officials on the ice, neither did anything to break up any of the three skirmishes that happened.

We ended up winning 4-1, received charming championship beer mugs, and yes, my co-author was even voted MVP of the game by the opposing team. 

So all-in-all, this was a great weekend for me.  The Red Wings took three of four possible points and ended up 2-0-1 on their final trip out West, and I came away with my first tournament championship as General Manager/Player.

I’d like to take a second to thank everyone for their support of this site.  Without you guys, none of this would have been possible.  Red Wings fans (especially NOHS readers) are without a doubt, the greatest fans in all of sports.  We’ll keep doing our best to NOT let you guys down.