We’ve Seen This Before…Somewhere

9-1-2 Through 12?  20 of a possible 24 points?  We’ve seen this before…

Now maybe not exactly, but we’ve seen even better, very recently, haven’t we?  Early in the season and a team nobody expected much from is dominating.  And because we don’t really watch them play (we are Red Wings fans, not NHL fans), we don’t really know the secret to their success.  I’m not going to beat anyone up about this discussion, not quite like the Chief has done at A2Y, but I will say that there’s nothing to worry about.


That’s the first 13 games of the team from Denver, the Avalanches.  Colorado had an amazing start last year, riding Craig Anderson and all the media asked “Are you surprised to be here?”  Colorado answered in two ways:

Verbally:  “No, we’re not surprised at all.  We know how good we are, great energy, young, depth in scoring great goaltending and well coached.”

Physically:  By tanking and limping into the playoffs, only to lose in the first round to a perennial playoff choker (and not the fun kinds of chokers you buy for your girlfriends, folks).

Now I’m not going to tear into anyone specifically, but I do have good news.  Don’t worry kids, we’ve seen this before.  Colorado had 22 out of a possible 26 points in the month of October alone.  This came in the year of a compact schedule due to the Olympics.  Factor in some rest time, a bit more experience in a St. Lose team than Colorado had, and we’ll see a less exaggerated affect of the same symptons.  Winning early, out of the playoffs early.