We’re Basically Playing Syracuse

…that’s Columbus’s AHL affiliate, for those of you who don’t know.  They’re called The Crunch…tee hee.

I found this little ditty from the Columbus Dispatch, in an article about former U of M player Chad Kolarik, who was traded from Phoenix to Columbus a little over a month ago:

Kolarik, 24, is one of five minor-league call-ups expected to play tonight against the Detroit Red Wings because of injuries.

Five call-ups?  Seriously?  Hey, we took our lumps back in the days when Kris Newbury, Jakub Kindl, Matias Ritola, and the like were making their way through our lineup.  Now, it’s payback time.

Skate to throat, Detroit.  Skate to throat.  You have a banged-up team who is not playing for the play-offs.  Sounds like an opportunity to put the hurt on.  If we can put up 8 on their healthy roster, then why not do it again tonight?  I hope the fact that we clinched the play-offs doesn’t take any of the desperation out of their game.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh and someone explain that logo to me, please.