Well…That Sucked

And I’m not just talking about the game itself, but the performance at Joe Louis Arena during the latter half of the regular season.

Luckily, I didn’t catch the first three goals last night.  And it’s not for lack of trying either.  I had already decided that I wasn’t going to subject myself to the Chicago announce team.  So I turned on Versus to see if I could watch the game that way…it wasn’t “blacked out” as their hockey day in America segment was running.  And that segment kept running…and running.  The screen didn’t go black, there was no indication that the Wings game wasn’t going to start broadcasting….just the same segment that they had played previously.  Finally, I changed the channel to the stupid Chicago station and it was already three-zip.

I’m taking the Sully-like calm approach at this point.  I am NOT convinced that Detroit is simply going to limp into the play-offs and get knocked off by a low seed.  The team is aware that they have a gear that they haven’t shifted to in a long, long, time.  Do we honestly think that they’re happy about the way they’ve played?  They’re not.

“It’s pretty tough.  We haven’t played well at home. We haven’t played well for a while here consistently. We’ve got to find a way.” –Danny Cleary

That quote via Khan(!).  I’m sure, as a player, the only thing as frustrating as playing below your ability at home – is having to constantly talk about right afterwards.  Unfortunately, there has been little else to talk about and the only people who can control that are the Red Wings themselves.

But no more home games this regular season.  And I haven’t seen Detroit roll over at home in the play-offs either.  So keep the faith, peoplle.  They lost the Friday game last year as well.  Round two of the “Bout to Keep the Blackhawks Out” still has one round to go.

No slow start tomorrow.