We’ll Keep Riding Jimmy


From the Free Press early this morning…

Mike Babcock walked into the visitors’ room at Scottrade Center, looked over at Jimmy Howard and asked him if he was tired.  When Howard said no, Babcock laughed, and asked him if he was ready to play the next game. Howard, naturally, said yes.

And thus, Mike’s will be done.  Babcock has never pulled any punches on the subject.  He certainly wasn’t going to start now…

“I’m committed to finding a way to win.  We have a group of people in our organization that actually have been around hockey a little bit, and we talk about what we think is best to help our team. Then we make the decision accordingly.”

That group he’s referring to includes Kenny Holland, Steve Yzerman, Jim Bedard, and his assistant coaches (one with bad hair and one with a sweet ‘stache).

When Babcock was asked about getting Osgood in to avoid the “rust buildup”…

“I want to go into the playoffs — how’s that?” he said. “I mean, that’s great to have this fantasy thing, if everything … no. We’ve got to get in. So we’ve got to win today.  It’s different than other years, in the fact that you could have a five-game rotation planned — that just hasn’t been the case. And we think Howie has played real well for us. The other thing is, this thing that he might be tired or something like that — he’s 25 years old. He’s not tired. Not mentally. He wants to play. … We think he’s given us the best opportunity.”

Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Babbles?  Oh wait, you do…always.

Thankfully, Ozzie refrained from complaining:

“I just focus on practicing and being ready when I’m called upon.”