Weekend Review

Wow, what a weekend. Beat up little brother to put their banner night in ruins, made their home fans boo their own team by the end of the game, saw Pavel endanger the best hands in the league, Getzlaf make Ken and Mick gutlaf with his obsceneties he shouted to Homer, Jimmy gets a shutout, Osgood doesn’t get accused of throwing the game to win money, Mikey Mo’s giant teeth get their first goal in their first appearance in Red, and best of all, we came away with two wins in two games.

Perfect weekend, except for the UofA losing to unranked Oregon State. Oh and getting so damn drunk, that’s never a good thing either. The two best things to ever come out of Colorado were visiting this weekend, the same two that came to Vegas with me when I met up with Chris and Andrew and was stolen, kidnapped really, by them and wasn’t returned to my room until about 48 hours later. Great kids, they’ll teach you how to play craps at the same time they teach you how to drink your bodyweight in Crown Royal. If I my liver had a finger on it, that it may point out its killer as it lay dying, I know exactly which direction in which it would point.

In any case, this season is already not going as expected. Goals that probably shouldn’t count are being reviewed in our favour. And the defense isn’t our biggest liability. Which begs the question: What the devil is our biggest liability?

  • I say it’s Pavel Datsyuk fighting. His hands are too valuable. His head is too powerful and perfect. We wouldn’t want to see Nick fight, so I’m not a fan of seeing Pavel Ivanovich drop the mits and bareknuckle box with one of the least honourable of NHL athletes.
  • It could also be our powerplay. It hasn’t been awful but I see a bit too much unselfishness, especially from that second unit. Shoot the puck, Hudler! Make like it’s the nude rump of a Czech hooker and paddle it home until you hear screaming and you get gang tackled by a crew of men in uniform.
  • Another liability, at least I’ve always felt, is when we really stomp our opponents and they resort to gooning it up. Who can forget Captain Hook pulling Mikka Kipursoff in the 2007 playoffs so that the axe murdering backup could chop Franzen across the chest? Or the following year when we won the Cup and Gary Roberts welcomes Franzen back to the ice, after missing time with a concussion by punching him in the head away from the play.
  • I’d like to also see, just for once in my life, Patrick Eaves block a shot without having to hold my breath as he wobbles directly over to the bench in agonizing pain. If he’s not wearing those awkward foot protector thingies by now then by God, he basically deserves a foot injury.

So the weekend had many highlights. Favourites? My favourite was definitely having eat all those sh*tty things I said about Mike Madonna over the years. His play was impeccable. He backchecked very well, he used his size and strength to his advantage in a way that we always wished Bertuzzi would, and he’s a little bit better quarterback on the second PP unit than Jason Williams was.

What was your highlight of the weekend?