Wednesday Top Five: Best Wings Hip Checks*

Continuing on Day 4 without Red Wings Hockey leaves you with a lot of time to play on youtube and not work on the Supreme Court brief that which I clearly should be revising.  Traveling down the youtube trail of related videos, I came upon a few clips of the lost art of hip checks.  Man, how I miss those.  Nothing like sending someone flying head over heels.

So with nothing else going on in Red Wings world, why not look at some of the best Wings hipchecks of all time (aka what I could find today)? Our other option is to pull a Production Line and do a “game day” preview of our lives that reminds me of a combo between a midlife crisis and Clockwork Orange.  (Seriously though, it is a hilarious read.)

Oxy Clean really does get those whites even whiter. Dominated whites last night. Looking for a repeat against the colors this evening.

So anyways let’s see em.’

All-Time Greatest Wings Hip Checks*

*-available today on youtube.  I know there are other better ones out there somewhere…let me know in the comments if you find any.

#5. Abdelkader with a nice one this preseason against Toronto.

#4. Draper with a nice hit on Bernie Nicholas.

#3. Slava Fetisov flips Tony Amonte.

#2. Who knew Draper would have two of the best Wings hip checks?  Here comes out of nowhere and makes Bettman’s heart race with this hit on Crosby.  (I forgot about this one, what a hit!)

And your #1…of allllll time.

Konstantinov wreaks the old bastard, Claude Lemieux.  Possibly the best hit in Wings history?  Maybe.